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  1. AHA’s Annual Report now available

    03 Nov 2015

    This year’s report has been revamped to make it easier for Members to find summaries of AHA’s projects, program deliverables and outcomes, company activities and financial performance during 2014-...
  2. Woolliest sheep in Australia reminds producers not to get fleeced with fencing

    02 Oct 2015

    Animal Health Australia’s Executive Manager, Biosecurity, Duncan Rowland, said whilst the sheep has garnered world-wide fame and public admiration for its survival and record-beating fleece weight, ...
  3. Emergency response hotline said to improve animal welfare outcomes

    21 Aug 2015

    A new livestock crash assistance hotline aims to improve animal welfare after road accidents. National Transport Insurance and the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) ...
  4. National Guidelines for Ramps and Forcing Yards released

    10 Aug 2015

    The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) is pleased to announce that its national ‘Guide for Safe Design of Livestock Loading Ramps and Forcing Yards’  is now available...
  5. Hendra virus vaccine receives registration from APVMA

    05 Aug 2015

    The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has registered the Hendra virus vaccine, Equivac® HeV, after nearly three years of positive uptake. Equivac® HeV passed every as...
  6. New NLIS website makes life easier for producers

    03 Aug 2015

    The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) has announced the launch of a new website with an updated and simple navigation system that makes finding information more intuitive, new account cr...
  7. Key stakeholders come together to promote better livestock welfare during road transport

    03 Jun 2015

    Several new initiatives to improve safety and welfare outcomes for domestic livestock transport were discussed in Canberra early June, including the development of a new 24hr national emergency hotlin...
  8. Comment sought on draft guidelines for ramps and forcing yards

    26 May 2015

    The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) has released a draft Guide for Safe Design of Livestock Loading Ramps and Forcing Yards for a public consultation period of four wee...
  9. Preparing dairy farmers for new animal welfare standards

    19 Dec 2014

    To ensure dairy farmers are aware of their responsibilities under the proposed new animal welfare standards for cattle, Australian Dairy Farmers and Dairy Australia have produced the Australian Anima...
  10. Beef and dairy producers join forces to combat BJD

    12 Nov 2014

    Representatives from across the Tasmanian beef and dairy industries have joined forces to form the Tasmanian Cattle Health taskforce. The move has been prompted by a need to improve awareness and unde...

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