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Where can I find the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak?

The lead agency on COVID-19 in Australia is the Department of Health. For up-to-date information visit their website here. For advice for livestock industries, visit the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s site here or your local state/territory’s website.

How does COVID-19 spread?

The current spread of the COVID-19 virus is due to transmission between people. There is currently no evidence of transmission of the virus from domestic animals—either pets or livestock—to people.

Where do I find out the border arrangements for my state?

AHA’s COVID-19 web page has links to every state’s border arrangements here.

Please check your local state/territory’s website regularly for the latest information on business restrictions and border requirements.

Will agricultural services remain open?

Yes, agricultural services have thus far been considered essential and will therefore continue to operate. All levels of Australian government know the importance of our agricultural sectors.

As an animal owner, is there anything I should do?

Look after yourself and your animals by following good hygiene and biosecurity practices. This will help prevent COVID-19 and other diseases from impacting you and your animals.

Wash your hands after contact with animals and make sure housing, bedding and feed and water troughs/bowls are clean.

Landholders should also continue to implement good on-farm biosecurity practices – find out more at

What should I do if I work with animals and get COVID-19?

If you are sick, avoid or minimise close contact with your animals as a precaution.

Prepare a contingency plan for the care of your animals just in case you become sick or need to self-isolate. If you must be around them while you have COVID-19, continue to practice good hygiene and biosecurity practices. This includes washing your hands before and after contact with animals.

Make sure to follow the directions given by human and animal health authorities in your state or territory.

How can I protect my business?

The government has enacted a range of support services available for businesses that are accessible here. This webpage is being constantly updated and should be your one-stop shop for any business-related questions.

It is also important to have an emergency preparedness plan in place for your business. The Department of Home Affairs has an informative page accessible here. Look under the subheading Developing the Emergency Plan for some helpful tips on how to prepare for any unforeseen emergency — in this case, COVID-19.

As always, it is important that farms have good on-farm biosecurity plans in place to protect both humans and animals. It is important to maintain good personal health and hygiene, practice physical distancing and isolate from others if you are unwell.

Where can I access financial support?

The best place to access financial support is through the Australian Government’s Treasury website. You’ll be able to find out what financial support is available to you in your state and on a federal level.

Can food carry the virus?

No. There is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through food. Visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website here for more information.

Where can I access mental health support services?

The Commonwealth and state/territory governments each have mental health services available. Visit AHA’s COVID-19 page here to access these.


Page reviewed: 26/05/2020