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EAD Foundation online course

If you wish to gain an understanding of Australia’s EAD preparedness and response plans, you can enrol in the EAD Foundation online course.

The online course provides livestock producers, veterinarians, veterinary students, government personnel and emergency workers with foundation knowledge for further training in the Emergency Animal Disease Training Program.

Course content

Part 1 of the course covers:

  • EAD awareness
  • Australia’s EAD response arrangements, including the EADRA
  • Phases of an EAD response

Part 2 of the course covers:

  • Incident management system principles
  • Control and coordination centres
  • Working in an EAD response
  • Communication and information management in an EAD response

For access instructions, please click here:

  1. Learners already registered in the system can use their existing login details and find the new course by clicking on ‘Browse learning.’
  2. New learners will need to register themselves in the system.

Page reviewed: 04/10/2019