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LookCheck App

Want to stay informed about livestock health risks and know which vet to call? Help us to trial the new LookCheck app and protect your livestock.

Private vets play a vital role in communities by investigating and treating livestock diseases and by providing livestock owners with health and biosecurity advice. Vets are the most trusted advisors in livestock health and their involvement is fundamental to prompt disease outbreak detection.

But our industry is changing:

  • Are you familiar with vet services in your community and willing to initiate contact?
  • Would you promptly recognise an important disease problem?
  • Do you want expert assistance with farm biosecurity and disease management?
  • Do you want to access livestock health and disease information that is specific for your region at the press of a button?

Animal Health Australia has developed the LookCheck app to keep you informed about livestock health risks and make it easy to initiate conversation with the right vet.

That’s right, there’s a smartphone app to better connect you with vets, and it’s available in the app store now!

Here’s how the LookCheck app can help you

  1. See local vet cases. Vets show their work by posting de-identified cases to the app’s ‘Newsfeed’. Farmers can browse the app’s Newsfeed of vet cases in their region and will know who to contact when an expert is needed.
  2. Start a conversation with your vet. Vets can handle enquiries through LookCheck as they see fit: e.g. prompt a consultation, give advice, or decline the enquiry.
  3. Start a conversation with your vet. Capture case detail and send a vet a case message via the app function ’Ask a Vet’.
  4. Browse the ‘Biosecurity Notices’ list for relevant biosecurity alerts.

Here’s how you can help us

  1. Download the app and become familiar with it.
  2. Trial the app by capturing an interesting livestock health problem/case and sending it to your local vet using the ‘Ask a Vet’ function.
  3. Take the anonymous user survey accessible via the app menu. Your feedback is valuable.

What do you say? Download LookCheck today!

Apple Store

Google Play Store

For more information please contact Ian Langstaff, Senior Manager Surveillance at Animal Health Australia on 0412 699 164 /


Page reviewed: 15/02/2019