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And the Biosecurity Farmer of the Year is… Pepe Bonaccordo of Pepe’s Ducks

08 Sep 2011

Dr Mike Bond presented the Biosecurity Farmer of the Year Award to Mario Bonaccordo, who accepted the award on behalf of his father, Pepe Bonaccordo.

By any measure, Pepe Bonaccordo is one of Australian agriculture’s great success stories.

Having put home-grown duck firmly on the Australian dinner plate, over the past two decades Mr Bonaccordo has been cementing the future growth of the industry by developing and enforcing uncompromising standards on biosecurity, food safety and animal welfare. 

“We feel very excited about the win,” Mr Bonaccordo said.
“It does tell us that a lot of the hard work that we’ve done has been recognised by other people.

“It’s important that we build a great foundation underneath our market. And that foundation is: good farming management practices, good biosecurity, animal welfare, food safety, training – that’s what brands are built on.”

Animal Health Australia would like to congratulate Pepe and the other finalists. They demonstrate that successful biosecurity practices are not only part of responsible farming – they can also be great for business.


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