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Fast fines prompted by animal activism

20 Jun 2019

Queensland farmers and livestock producers are being urged to review their biosecurity management plans and signage to ensure new laws can be enforced against unauthorised entry to their properties.

Queensland’s biosecurity laws have been changed to allow police and biosecurity officers to issue immediate fines to those who do not comply with a property’s biosecurity management plan and who put on-farm biosecurity at risk.

The change was fast-tracked after an escalation in unauthorised entry to properties by animal and vegan activists. This is an interim measure; more changes to protect the livestock production industry are likely.

The new biosecurity laws and fines are in addition to existing trespass laws and penalties, which include fines and possible jail time.

To support enforcement of the new biosecurity law, farmers, livestock producers and others who keep animals are encouraged to:

  • Ensure they are registered as a biosecurity entity with Biosecurity Queensland
  • Have an up-to-date biosecurity management plan in place, and
  • have appropriate clear signage at the entry points to their property.

Find out more information about the new biosecurity law and what you can do at your place. (

Published on behalf of Biosecurity Queensland. Readers are advised to contact Biosecurity Queensland directly with questions relating to biosecurity laws. 


Last reviewed: 20/06/2019

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