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Industry Forum executive changes

21 Sep 2011

In accordance with Industry Forum rules, two members of the executive, including the Chair, stepped down at the most recent meeting and two new members were elected in their place.

Kevin Shiell, Australian Dairy Farmers Limited, is the new Industry Forum chair and Andreas Dubs, Australian Chicken Meat Federation, has filled the other executive position.  Justin Toohey, Cattle Council of Australia, continues as the third member of the executive committee.

AHA places a high value on the Industry Forum and is delighted to see the level of engagement and effectiveness evident in the forum.  AHA would like to offer a big ‘thank you’ to James Kellaway, Australian Egg Corporation Limited, and Kathleen Plowman, Australian Pork Limited, for their service on the executive. Under their professional leadership a tremendous level of engagement was achieved with members, and across an extensive list of issues.   AHA looks forward to working with the newly elected and ongoing executive members to continue this progress.


Last reviewed: November 23, 2015

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