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Market Assurance Program audits on a short break

07 Jul 2015

The MAP has had a high level of compliance by producers during the past 10 years.

The MAP has had a high level of compliance by producers during the past 10 years.

On 3 July 2015, Market Assurance Program (MAP) audits were placed on hold in recognition of the number of audits already successfully completed by producers, and the high level of compliance demonstrated during the past 10 years.

The livestock councils will use this time to complete the review of their industry’s MAPs and will work with Animal Health Australia (AHA) to enhance the MAP for all industries.

MAP external audits are regularly conducted for participating cattle, goat and sheep MAP producers to help ensure they are meeting their biosecurity obligations that come with running a MAP herd or flock.

AHA’s Biosecurity Officer, Dr Rob Barwell, expressed his thanks to the auditors in helping make the MAP such a robust and important animal health assurance program.

“Since 2006, our external auditors have played a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the Program, and they did this by taking a professional and considered approach when reviewing each and every MAP accredited property.

“I would like to thank the auditors for their commitment and efforts over the years, and we will keep them, and all MAP producers, updated on any new arrangements that will be taking place as we enhance the MAP,” Dr Barwell said.

“In the meantime, the MAPs for all species will continue as normal, with annual veterinary reviews still required,” he added.

For more information, producers can visit Animal Health Australia’s MAP webpage.


Last reviewed: 23/11/2015

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