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SWF Freedom Assurance Program National Advisory Committee Meeting

18 Jun 2012

The annual meeting of the SWFFAP NAC Screw Worm Fly Program (15 funding parties and related stakeholders) was held on the 31 May in Brisbane.

This annual meeting was held to ensure the progress of the project is meeting its objectives as well as setting the budget and work structure for the next financial year. It was agreed that the project should undertake a major review of SWF surveillance in Australia covering the adult fly trapping at ports and in Torres Straight as well as myiasis reporting and the use of negative data. Surveillance in Australia has been undertaken now for well over 20 years with only two detections.

Other work of significance to be undertaken will be training for entomologists and a review of the SWF AUSVETPLAN Response Manual. The Committee received a couple of fantastic presentations; Dr Skye Fruen from DAFF presented on her Master’s thesis “Spatial analysis of the likelihood of an incursion of screwworm fly (Chrysomya bezziana or Cochliomyia hominivorax) in Australia”. The other was from Mitchell Welsh, a Phd student from UNE, who is working on a review of the SWF Bio-economic model developed by QDPI in the late 1980s. Mitchell’s work is titled ‘Developing a National Scale, Agent-Based, Modeling Capability for the Screwworm Fly Threat to Australia’. Both presentations provided timely information for decision making during the meeting.


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