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Updated AUSVETPLAN document now available

29 Nov 2016

An updated version of the AUSVETPLAN Response Policy Brief: Hendra has now been released by Animal Health Australia (AHA).

This updated brief reflects current thinking in regards to suspect and confirmed Hendra virus infection said Paul Freeman, writing group chair and Senior Veterinary Officer at the NSW Department of Primary Industries.Horse in farm

“Our understanding of the epidemiology of Hendra virus infection in susceptible animals has increased considerably as a result of recent studies. The pathogenesis of acute and chronic infection is better understood, which guides the management of acute cases and the biosecurity risks involved.

“For example, the potential for infected dogs to pose a transmission risk underlines the importance of biosecurity controls for all susceptible species on infected premises,” said Dr Freeman.

The updated response policy brief contains the agreed policy (and supporting technical information) for the response to an incident of Hendra virus infection in Australia.

“It is not meant to be a complete technical reference for all issues regarding Hendra virus. However, anyone wanting a current overview of Hendra virus infection, be they horse owner, ecologist, biologist or veterinarian should find this document very useful,” said Dr Freeman.

The updated document, along with all of the other AUSVETPLAN manuals and documents, can be found on the AHA website here.


Last reviewed: November 29, 2016

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