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A Manual for the Identification for Screw-worm Fly

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the Screw-worm Fly Surveillance and Preparedness Program (SWFSPP) in consultation with a committee of industry and government stakeholders. The program aims to detect an incursion early enough to ensure a high likelihood of success of an eradication program.

Old World screw-worm fly (Chrysomya bezziana) occurs throughout much of South-East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and tropical and subtropical Africa. Throughout these regions it is an important pest of livestock, and a threat to public health

The Manual for the Diagnosis of Screw-Worm Fly was first published by Dr Philip Spradbery in 1992. Since its first release, the manual has provided the Australian entomology community with an authoritative reference for the definitive identification of C. bezziana.

This fourth edition, renamed A Manual for the Identification for Screw-worm Fly provides a contemporary account of the context for ongoing vigilance for C. bezziana within Australia, as well as a description of its life cycle and morphological characteristics. The manual also includes dichotomous keys that will enable entomologists to identify definitively adult or immature specimens and egg masses.



Page reviewed: 27/11/2020