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AHA works with the cattle industries, including the grass fed, feedlot and dairy industries, to develop and implement national programs to safeguard the health of Australia’s cattle population.


See our Farm Biosecurity website for cattle industry biosecurity information and associated documents, including the national Cattle Health Declaration.

Beef cattle owners should use the National Biosecurity Reference Manual – Grazing Livestock Production on their properties.

Lot feeders should use the National Biosecurity Manual for Beef Cattle Feedlots on their properties.

Dairy cattle owners should use the Dairy Biosecurity: Healthy Farms manual on their properties.


See emergency disease preparedness, including AUSVETPLANs for various diseases.

Johne’s disease (JD) – see JD in cattle for information on the disease and tools to deal with it.


Read about the development and progress of the Australian standards and guidelines for cattle on AHA’s Animal welfare standards website.

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Page reviewed: 13/09/2018