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Strategic Plan 2020-25

The livestock industry is changing, and animal health and biosecurity priorities are changing with it.

As our current five-year Strategic Plan comes to a close, we’re hard at work to develop a new strategy to guide AHA to 2025.

We’re consulting with our members and stakeholders across the livestock sector, including both terrestrial and aquatic species, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of governments and industries now and into the future.

Draft Strategic Plan 2020-25

The draft Strategic Plan is accessible for member review — Strategic Plan Draft 2020-25 (docx - 69 KB) . We’ve also developed an online platform for you to engage with the strategic planning process. You can access it here

You can also engage with us via via social media:

To date

Phase 1: Formulation

January – September 2019: Workshops held with AHA staff and Board

The AHA team met in a series of workshops to determine our key priority areas and develop a business model and company structure which will empower us to deliver on those priorities.

September 2019: Development of value propositions

AHA staff worked with consultants to explore the value which various AHA projects and programs are delivering to funders and stakeholders. This process has enabled us to establish our value proposition for individual bodies of work and for AHA as a whole, which will be further refined in consultation with members.

Looking ahead

Phase 2: Development

November 2019: Draft Megatrends Impacts Report to be distributed

AHA will distribute a draft of a report by Spiegare on megatrends, opportunities and challenges facing the livestock industry between 2020 and 2030.

November 2019: Members’ Forum

AHA will seek members’ feedback on the underlying foundations of the draft strategy at the November Members’ Forum, including the proposed business model, the engagement plan for the development of the strategy, and the Megatrends Impacts Report.

December 2019: Drafting begins

Taking insights from the November Members’ Forum, along with ongoing face-to-face and digital engagement and consultation, AHA will begin drafting the Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

March 2020: Draft strategy distributed

Members will have an opportunity to review the draft strategy ahead of the March Members’ Forum.

Phase 3: Finalisation

March 2020: Members’ Forum

AHA will seek members’ feedback on the draft strategy at the March Members’ Forum.

April 2020: Board Meeting

AHA’s Board will approve the final strategy.

May 2020: Annual General Meeting

AHA members will provide their endorsement for the final strategy.

1 July 2020: Implementation

The new Strategic Plan 2020-2025 will be put in place alongside the 2020/21 Annual Operating Plan.


Page reviewed: 27/02/2020