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National Biosecurity Response Team Training

The National Biosecurity Response Team (NBRT) is a group of trained and experienced personnel that may be deployed to assist a jurisdiction in the response to biosecurity incidents. NBRT members are personnel from government agencies with knowledge, experience and training in emergency management, incident management or more specifically, responding to biosecurity incidents. The NBRT is cross sectoral and could deploy to the response to an animal, plant, aquatic or environmental biosecurity incident.

NBRT members may be deployed in a State Coordination Centre or Local Control Centre during the response to a biosecurity incident, and work in various functions including incident management, liaison, public information, planning, operations and logistics*. The NBRT has two cohorts of members; a cohort of experienced functional response personnel and a cohort of highly experienced mentors.

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the NBRT outside of any biosecurity response activities. During a biosecurity response, NBRT members are deployed by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Members of the NBRT participate in relevant professional development opportunities and maintain their skills in exercises and/or responses.

For more information about the NBRT, please see the National Biosecurity Response Team Arrangements 2017-2019.

To access the NBRT members site, please click here

Rapid Response Team transition

A national Rapid Response Team (RRT) was established in 2003 to assist smaller jurisdictions such as Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania, in the initial establishment of a Local Control Centre and State Coordination Centre during the response to an emergency animal disease. However it soon became evident that the national RRT was a significant national asset that should be made available to all states and territories.

Over time the national RRT has developed into a pool of response personnel that can be called upon to assist with all types of biosecurity responses. It comprises personnel with a range of skills, knowledge and experiences across a range of biosecurity sectors and can be called upon to perform a number of functions in a biosecurity response.

In recognising the value of the national RRT, the National Biosecurity Committee agreed in January 2015 to formally broaden the scope of the emergency animal disease-focussed national RRT to encompass animal, plant, aquatic and environment sectors – a team now known as the National Biosecurity Response Team.


Ben Byrne

Manager, Communications and Training Services

Animal Health Australia


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*Biosecurity Incident Management System 2012

Page reviewed: 05/02/2020