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Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (AAVet)

The AAVet course is a prerequisite for accreditation as an Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (Livestock).

The course is designed to inform veterinarians involved in the pre-export preparation or shipboard services for livestock of their legislative responsibilities as an Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (Livestock). It also provides relevant background information about the livestock export process.

To apply for accreditation as an Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (Livestock), a veterinarian must:

Once these steps are complete, veterinarians can submit an application to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

To be accredited to undertake shipboard work, the veterinarian must also be an Australian citizen.

AAVet course

The AAVet course is offered as online training. It should take about 6 hours to complete, depending on the veterinarian’s prior industry experience. Assessment involves self-testing via computer-marked quizzes, and results are immediately available.

Interested parties can view the AAVet course free of charge.

The AAVet course is most relevant to veterinarians and veterinary students interested in the process of livestock export.

If you are undertaking the course to become an Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian, you must pay a once-only course fee of AUD$250.00 including GST, and follow a few additional steps, as outlined in the online course. Once you have paid the course fee, you can revisit the course as many times as you like. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may charge additional accreditation fees.

Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (Companion Animals)

Veterinarians interested in becoming accredited for the purpose of exporting companion animals should contact their regional Department of Agriculture Live Animal Office  for information about training.

Completion of the AAVet course is not required for vets that wish to provide services for the preparation of companion animals or other non-livestock species for export.

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Page reviewed: 06/06/2017