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Animal Health Australia (AHA) participates in advisory and standards committees for Australia’s National Livestock Identification program for the Australian pig industry.

NLIS (Pork) refers to the Australia’s Pork Supply Chain Integrity System, in which traceability is a key feature of the system. It is managed by Australian Pork Limited.

The pork industry system integrates programs and systems developed by industry supply chain members and governments, and comprises four components:

  • PigPass National Vendor Declaration (NVD)—pig producer declares pig husbandry practices and food safety risk management when moving pigs; carries property identification code and pig tattoo number to facilitate traceability.
  • On-farm Quality Assurance—validates the PigPass NVD and verifies compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Linkage of the PigPass NVD with abattoir systems—links the animal and the carcase; abattoir management uploads information to the NLIS (Pork)/PigPass database (see PigPass website for details).
  • Validation tool (scientific method is currently being researched by the pork industry) – validates the pork supply chain integrity system for rapid resumption of trade in event of a food safety incident.

Pigs listed on the PigPass NVD are physically identified through the use of a slap brand (pig tattoo) that is defined and enforced by state and territory legislation.

Australian Pork Limited is developing fact sheets in consultation with industry and relevant government agencies to increase understanding and adoption of the NLIS (Pork)/ Pork Supply Chain Integrity System.

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Page reviewed: September 30, 2015