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Endemic Disease Information System

Animal Health Australia (AHA) collects data from national programs that monitor animal diseases that are endemic (regularly found) in Australia.

Endemic Disease Information System

AHA’s Endemic Disease Information System includes:

  • a public register of properties currently listed with the Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program (MAP)
  • National Sheep Health Monitoring Project information

Australian MAP property register

Properties listed on the Australian MAP register:

  • offer stock from MAP herds and flocks that have demonstrated a high level of assurance for Johne’s disease
  • have implemented a biosecurity plan
  • regularly undertake herd or flock-based testing
  • evaluate animal health risk
  • carefully monitor stock movements on and off the property.

Summary information from this program and other sources is used to support trade in animal commodities and meet Australia’s international reporting obligations.

MAP data queries

The state and territory departments of primary industries provide information to the Endemic Disease Information System/MAP database. If you have a query about the data, please contact the relevant state or territory MAP coordinator.


Page reviewed: 18/09/2018