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National Animal Health Information Program

The National Animal Health Information Program (NAHIP) is an ongoing collaboration between governments, livestock industries and Wildlife Health Australia to collate surveillance and monitoring data and provide an overview of animal health in Australia. The program maintains a database management system named the National Animal Health information System (NAHIS) and produces Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly Report and Animal Health in Australia Annual Report.

The NAHIS is a web-based database management system enabling online submission to discrete data projects, automation of data analysis and summary, and provision of customised output reports. A subset of jurisdiction-held disease investigation data are collated nationally in NAHIS. The information in NAHIS and its associated publications supports trade in animal commodities and Australia’s international reporting obligations.

Objectives of the NAHIP are to:

  1. Collect summary data on animal health status and surveillance from the Australian, state and territory governments, and selected non-government agencies as required by Animal Health Australia members;
  2. Manage, analyse and report data to accurately reflect Australia’s animal health status as well as its surveillance and disease control activities and capabilities;
  3. Identify needs and priorities for collating and reporting summary animal health information and required enhancements to the NAHIS.

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Page reviewed: 05/02/2019