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TSE research and development

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages any research and development undertaken as part of Australia’s efforts to retain its BSE negligible risk status.

Current R&D

There are currently no research and development projects occurring in the program.

Previous research addressed issues such as:

  • laboratory capability for ‘rapid screening tests’ in Australian conditions
  • development of a test to detect mammalian protein in animal feedstuffs
  • investigation of alternate surveillance strategies.

In the context of the TSEFAP, R&D activities will only be undertaken if they are consistent with purpose and objectives of the TSEFAP research and development project area.

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of R&D in the TSEFAP is to undertake appropriate projects, as required, to support market confidence in Australia’s animals and animal products.

We will achieve this by meeting the following objectives:

  • Identify TSE R&D priorities of national significance
  • Gain stakeholder consensus on TSE-related R&D priorities
  • Secure appropriate funding to deliver R&D priorities
  • Efficiently implement R&D outcomes.

The National Technical Committee is responsible for oversight of R&D activities. Membership of this committee is dynamic, depending on the issue being addressed.

Once a priority has been identified, the National Technical Committee will prepare a draft plan for submission to the National Advisory Committee (NAC). If endorsed by the NAC, the plan will be circulated to the broader stakeholder group and funding sought or existing R&D providers leveraged to complete the work.


Page reviewed: 30/09/2015