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TSEFAP National Advisory Committee

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the TSE Freedom Assurance Program (TSEFAP), which is guided on policy and funding issues by the program’s National Advisory Committee.


Core membership of the TSEFAP National Advisory Committee is:

  • a representative of Animal Health Australia (Chair)
  • a representative of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture
  • a representative of Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ)
  • two representatives of the states and territories (‘northern’ and ‘southern’)
  • a representative of Sheepmeat Council of Australia
  • a representative of WoolProducers Australia
  • a representative of Australian Meat Industry Council
  • a representative of Cattle Council of Australia
  • a representative of Australian Lot Feeders’ Association
  • a representative of Australian Dairy Farmers’ Ltd
  • a representative of Goat Industry Council of Australia
  • a representative of Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia
  • a representative of Australian Renderers’ Association.

Subject to the agreement of core Members, other Parties can be invited to participate as a Member of the NAC.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the TSEFAP National Advisory Committee are to:

  • develop the strategic direction, activities, budgets and funding for the program through an annual program plan to be completed in February each year.
  • ensure parties contribute effectively to the development and implementation of the program.
  • facilitate collaboration and communication between all operational stakeholders to deliver optimal outcomes.
  • identify and implement new or alternative initiatives, or the outcomes of national policy, that will add value to the existing program and satisfy national and international technical and commercial obligations.
  • refer specific issues to the TSEFAP National Technical Committee or relevant working groups, as required.
  • provide advice on animal-related TSEs in Australia, as required.
  • consider national and international intelligence in the context of its impact on the Australian livestock industries.
  • consider policy advice from, and report to, all relevant stakeholders.

The committee reviews these terms of reference annually.

Responsibilities of the Chair

AHA’s responsibilities as Chair of the committee are to:

  • determine when the NAC will meet
  • prepare the agenda, minutes and any other reports
  • pay meeting costs from the Corporate Activities budget.

Members have agreed to pay their own costs to attend National Advisory Committee meetings. Other representatives of parties may attend committee meetings at their own expense.

AHA will provide all committee members with copies of agendas and papers in advance of any meeting and with minutes after the meetings.

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Page reviewed: 30/09/2015