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Livestock and Johne’s Disease Resources

Animal Health Australia (AHA) coordinates the National Johne’s Disease Project to control and manage the spread of Johne’s disease (JD).

Images, videos and webinars

The National Johne’s Disease Project, funded by the cattle, sheep, goat and alpaca industries, has agreed to a series of informative webinars on Johne’s Disease to be produced by AHA.

Webinar 1: Effects on production and economic implications of OJD + Regional biosecurity groups and cross-species Johne’s infection (Apr 2015)

Webinar 2: JD Diagnosis Webinar

This webinar, presented by University of Sydney researchers, discusses JD diagnosis, sheep breed susceptibility to OJD, and herd screening techniques for JD (Nov 2015).

Webinar 3: Field Efficacy of Silirum® Vaccine in Two Australian Dairy Herds + Use of Silirum® Vaccine to manage Bovine Johne’s Disease (BJD) (Apr 2016)

Webinar 4: Risk Assessment for Vets + Using the National Sheep Health Statement (SHS) for biosecurity risk assessment (May 2016)

Webinar 5: Update for CattleMAP participants

Reports and newsletters

Stock Health Monitor

This has replaced our previous publication, JD News. Click here for more information and to access previous editions.

JD News – archive

Click here to access the JD News archive.

OJD abattoir monitoring reports

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