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Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages Australia’s Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program for Alpaca (AlpacaMAP) to help producers identify and promote their low risk of Johne’s disease infection.

Members of the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA), Australian Camelid Veterinary Association, Animal Health Committee and the National Johne’s Disease Coordinator developed AlpacaMAP with advice from the Australian, state and territory governments.

Note – AlpacaMAP is still running, but very low numbers of participants mean that this may not be the case once Q Alpaca is reviewed by the AAA.

AlpacaMAP manual

AHA released version 1 of the AlpacaMAP manual in 2001 and version 2 in 2005.

In 2010, a pooled faecal culture test for alpaca was approved and added to the AlpacaMAP manual as Appendix 13. Appendix 13 will be incorporated when the manual is next revised.

Declarations and audit documents

Access the Farm Biosecurity toolkit for the Alpaca Herd Declaration for Show and Sales, which was revised in 2006.

Download the AlpacaMAP audit checklist (xls - 102 KB)  to prepare the AlpacaMAP internal and external reviews.

Q Alpaca

Q Alpaca is a voluntary alpaca quality assurance program maintained by the Australian Alpaca Association. Alpaca growers who participate in Q Alpaca work with MAP-approved veterinarians.

Q Alpaca is currently under review.

Read the Q Alpaca biosecurity program guidelines for veterinarians (pdf - 216 KB)  for more information about the program.

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Page reviewed: 06/07/2020