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Animal Health Australia (AHA) managed the Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program for Cattle (CattleMAP) to help producers identify and promote their low risk of Johne’s disease infection.

CattleMAP has ceased on 1 November 2016

AHA has recently facilitated the evaluation of the CattleMAP on behalf of the Bovine Johne’s Disease (BJD) Steering Committee* and as a component of the revised national JD management strategy.

Herd Health Pty Ltd undertook the evaluation and the BJD Steering Committee have accepted the report and agreed with their conclusions.

The report found that:

  • CattleMAP was meeting the stated goal of providing low-risk (for JD) cattle to the market
  • CattleMAP numbers had fallen dramatically over the last decade to unsustainable levels (currently around 330 properties)
  • CattleMAP participants expressed concern that it was difficult to obtain benefits in the market for their livestock
  • Current arrangements and the consequences of false positive test results have been a deterrent
  • The current format and arrangements for CattleMAP were no longer suitable.

The Executive Summary from the report is available here.

As a result the BJD Steering Committee have agreed to the following:

  • That there is still a need to have mechanisms in place for producers to be able to achieve and demonstrate high levels of JD assurance, if they wish to.
  • To discontinue CattleMAP and replace it with alternative industry voluntary assurance systems, from 1 November 2016

Under the new approach to JD in cattle there is a new voluntary risk profiling tool for beef cattle – the Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (J-BAS). The Dairy Score has also been revised for dairy herds (look under ‘relevant documents’ on the webpage).

CattleMAP herds will transition to a J-BAS of 8 or Dairy Score of 8, which is the highest assurance level. The highest score requires a property biosecurity plan monitored by a veterinary adviser and testing. The industry voluntary assurance systems also include lower assurance scores that require different biosecurity and testing options.

*The BJD Steering Committee is comprised of representatives of the Australian cattle industries (Australian Dairy Farmers, Australian Lot Feeders’ Association, and Cattle Council of Australia), Meat & Livestock Australia, Dairy Australia, Goat Industry Council of Australia  and the Animal Health Committee.

Webinar for CattleMAP producers

A webinar for CattleMAP producers on the review and new systems was held on 2nd November, 2016.

Former CattleMAP manual

The CattleMAP manual covered the background to the program, how the program was managed, brief details of how testing operated in the program and the review processes in place.

Version 1 of the CattleMAP was published in 1996, and AHA worked with the cattle industries and governments to keep it up to date. The last version of the CattleMAP manual was released in 2008.

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