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MAP FAQs for vets

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Programs (MAPs) for producers to identify and promote the Johne’s disease status of their alpacas, sheep or goats.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature is for veterinarians to seek expert advice on any aspect of the MAPs and to read the answers posted for previous questions.

How to post a question

  1. Email AHA staff to register and obtain a password to access the FAQs.
  2. Login to the FAQs page (below).
  3. Post your question according to species, starting the subject line with ‘SheepMAP’, ‘GoatMAP’ or ‘AlpacaMAP’.
  4. Wait for your question to be accepted and answered by the National JD Technical Adviser.

Your question and answer will be visible to other veterinarians who access to the FAQs page.

This is not a discussion board and all questions will be moderated. AHA reserves the right to remove any post that is considered defamatory or not relevant to the discussion or purpose of the FAQ space.

Over time, the questions and answers will build valuable technical information for veterinarians who are providing advice to their clients in the MAPs.

Access the MAP FAQs page

Access the FAQ page and post a question.

Contact if you have forgotten your password or want to register for MAP FAQs access.

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Page reviewed: 28/04/2017