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Ovine Johne’s Disease in Australia

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages for its relevant stakeholders the Sheep Health Project (SHP), which includes ovine Johne’s disease in sheep.

National OJD Management Plan 2013–2018

Funded and driven by industry, Australia’s National OJD Management Plan 2013–18 is the culmination of extended consultations between Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA), WoolProducers Australia (WPA), state departments of primary industry and other stakeholders.

The plan incorporates knowledge from a comprehensive research and development program managed by Meat & Livestock Australia and reflects the views of sheep producers who participated in the review of the previous OJD management plan.

Australia’s National OJD Management Plan 2013–18 has two main objectives:

  • To minimise the risk of infection by the bacteria spreading to properties and regions that currently appear to be disease free.
  • To reduce the financial impact and adverse animal health and welfare effects of the disease on individual flocks, and on the sheep industry as a whole.

The current OJD management plan and information about managing OJD and its spread are available on the OJD website, managed by AHA on behalf of both SCA and WPA.

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Page reviewed: May 2, 2017