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  1. Remaining Q Fever aware

    18 Jul 2018

    Q fever is an important zoonotic disease (i.e. a disease that can be passed from animals to humans or vice versa) for people who work with animals. Q fever can result in acute or chronic disease in hu...
  2. AHA’s Annual Report now available

    03 Nov 2015

    This year’s report has been revamped to make it easier for Members to find summaries of AHA’s projects, program deliverables and outcomes, company activities and financial performance during 2014-...
  3. Exercise Slapstick shows emergency vaccinations are a serious contender in controlling an FMD outbreak

    05 Jun 2015

    National rapid response team (RRT) personnel, vaccine experts, industry and government stakeholders from across Australia recently participated in a foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccination exercise h...
  4. Tocal College celebrates its ‘Golden Jubilee’ in July

    02 Jun 2015

    Tocal College has been the centre of agricultural education for over five decades and this year marks the 50th Anniversary since the college welcomed its first 15 students in March 1965. Since then, h...
  5. Animal Welfare Officer Training – registrations closing soon

    05 Mar 2015

    The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association Inc. (ALFA) – a member of Animal Health Australia – and Meat & Livestock Australia have engaged presenters Matt George (Bovine Dynamics) and T...
  6. Webinar on grazing pressure and dog control

    19 Jan 2015

    A free webinar highlighting the results of a fencing project established to control grazing and wild dogs will be held on Tuesday 20 January starting at noon. A group of like-minded producers near Mor...
  7. Queanbeyan hosts hypothetical foot-and-mouth outbreak

    10 Sep 2014

    A saleyard in Queanbeyan NSW last week was the scene of the latest Exercise Odysseus activity to enhance government and industry’s ability to respond if an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) w...
  8. New and updated EADRA guidance documents now available

    01 Sep 2014

    After consultation with Parties to the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA), AHA has published a new document to achieve clarity and a common understanding of how ‘compensation’ and...
  9. ‘Whole of government’ approach needed to combat FMD

    05 Jun 2014

    A key outcome of the state discussion exercise was knowledge sharing about the implications of an FMD outbreak across government and industry partners, including the complexity communicating different...
  10. Victorian saleyards tested for outbreak preparedness

    04 Apr 2014

    Saleyards around Australia are proving they are ready for a national livestock standstill if Australia was struck with foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) according to a number of recent Exercise Odysseus ac...

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