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AUSVETPLAN Manuals and Documents

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the development and review of the Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN) on behalf of its Members.

AUSVETPLAN contains the nationally-agreed approach for the response to emergency animal disease (EAD) incidents in Australia. The plan is captured in a series of manuals and supporting documents, as listed below.

For information on specific diseases, please visit our ‘Factsheets’ page here.

1. Overview

Describes the components of AUSVETPLAN and outlines their relationships.

Disease strategies Edition
AUSVETPLAN Overview (pdf - 972 KB) 5.0

2. Disease-specific documents

Disease strategies and response policy briefs contain the agreed policy and supporting technical information for the response to an incident of the disease in Australia. AUSVETPLAN’s scope includes all diseases categorised under the EADRA.

Wildlife Health Australia maintains response guidelines for other diseases of wildlife.

The Bovine tuberculosis case response manual (pdf - 1 MB) provides information on the management of an incident of bovine tuberculosis.

Disease-specific documents Edition
African horse sickness (pdf - 137 KB) 2.0
African swine fever (pdf - 1 MB) 5.0
Anthrax (pdf - 4 MB) 5.0
Aujeszky's disease (pdf - 768 KB) 5.0
Avian influenza (pdf - 1 MB) 5.0
Bluetongue (pdf - 601 KB) 4.0
Bovine brucellosis (pdf - 686 KB) 5.0
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (pdf - 738 KB) 5.0
Classical scrapie (pdf - 5 MB) 5.0
Classical swine fever (pdf - 388 KB) 4.0
Hendra virus Response Policy Brief (pdf - 1 MB) 4.0
Equine influenza (pdf - 877 KB) 5.0
Influenza A viruses in swine Response Policy Brief (pdf - 331 KB) 4.0
Foot-and-mouth disease (pdf - 1,021 KB) 3.4
Infectious bursal disease (pdf - 728 KB) 5.0
Japanese encephalitis (pdf - 1 MB) 5.0
Lumpy skin disease (pdf - 378 KB) 3.0
Lyssaviruses (pdf - 954 KB) 5.0
Newcastle disease (pdf - 972 KB) 5.0
Peste des petit ruminants (pdf - 647 KB) 5.0
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (pdf - 1 MB) 5.0
Response Policy Briefs (pdf - 615 KB) * 3.6
Rift Valley Fever (pdf - 824 KB) 5.1
Rinderpest (pdf - 652 KB) 5.0
Screw-worm fly (pdf - 8 MB) 5.0
Sheep and goat pox (pdf - 602 KB) 5.0
Surra (pdf - 771 KB) 5.0
Swine vesicular disease (pdf - 428 KB) 4.0
Transmissible gastroenteritis (pdf - 427 KB) 4.0
Vesicular stomatitis (pdf - 3 MB) 5.0

* The ‘Response Policy Briefs’ document covers: Borna disease, brucellosis (due to Brucella melitensis), contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, contagious equine metritis, dourine, East coast fever, encephalitides (tick-borne), epizootic lymphangitis, equine babesiosis, equine encephalomyelitis (eastern, western and Venezuelan), equine encephalosis, Getah virus disease, glanders, haemorrhagic septicaemia, heartwater, Jembrana disease, maedi–visna, Menangle virus (porcine paramyxovirus), Nairobi sheep disease, Nipah virus, Potomac fever, pulmonary adenomatosis, sheep scab, Teschen disease, trichinellosis, vesicular exanthema, Wesselsbron disease and West Nile virus disease.

3. Operational manuals

Describe in detail the recommended procedures for activities that are common to most EAD responses.

Operational manuals Edition
Decontamination (pdf - 658 KB) 3.2
Destruction of animals (pdf - 739 KB) 3.2
Disposal (pdf - 2 MB) 3.2
Livestock Welfare and Management (pdf - 412 KB) 3.0
Valuation and Compensation (pdf - 2 MB) 4.0
Wild Animal Response Strategy (pdf - 1 MB) 3.3

4. Enterprise manuals

Provide information and guidance on specific types of enterprises that pose special economic or disease eradication problems or are important in the epidemiology or impact of certain EADs.

The enterprise manuals target personnel:

  • involved in EAD response and decision-making who may be unfamiliar with the operations of that enterprise or industry
  • working in the enterprise or industry and seeking guidance on the
    • operational procedures which may be used in an EAD incident to exclude, contain or eradicate a disease
    • development of EAD preparedness, including contingency plans.
Enterprise manuals Edition
Artificial Breeding Centres (pdf - 151 KB) 2.1
Feedlots (pdf - 479 KB) 3.0
Meat Processing (pdf - 479 KB) 3.0
Pig Industry (pdf - 985 KB) 3.0
Poultry Industry (pdf - 1 MB) 3.1
Saleyards and Transport (pdf - 763 KB) 3.0
Wool industry (pdf - 3 MB) 3.1
Zoos (pdf - 838 KB) 3.0

5. Management manuals

The Control Centres Management Manual (parts 1 and 2) provides a management structure and an information flow system for handling an EAD outbreak at national, state/territory and local levels.

The Laboratory Preparedness Manual aims to assist veterinary laboratories to prepare a contingency plan for an EAD incident.

Management manuals Edition
Control Centres Part 1 (pdf - 1 MB) 5.0
Control Centres Part 2 (pdf - 2 MB) 5.0
Laboratory Preparedness (pdf - 289 KB) 4.0


AHA gives no warranty that the information contained in AUSVETPLAN or the related resource documents, is correct or complete and shall not be liable for any loss howsoever caused, whether due to negligence or other circumstances, arising from use of reliance on this information.

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