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NAMP Report

Animal Health Australia (AHA) publishes the annual National Arbovirus Monitoring Program (NAMP) Report to provide monitoring data that describe the limits of vector and virus distribution and the free areas for three important arboviruses (insert-borne viruses):

  • bluetongue virus (BTV) that causes bluetongue disease or catarrhal fever in sheep and other ruminant animals
  • Akabane virus that causes congenital abnormalities in ruminant animals
  • Ephemerovirus virus that causes bovine ephemeral fever (BEF, or three-day sickness) in cattle.

AHA coordinates the NAMP to monitor the distribution of these economically important arboviruses and the program’s primary beneficiaries provide the funding.

Interim NAMP reports are published in the second and fourth issues of Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly (AHSQ) each year.

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NAMP 2015–2016

NAMP Annual Report 2015/16 (pdf 5mb)

Previous NAMP reports


Page reviewed: February 22, 2017