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Sheep Health Project

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the Sheep Health Project (SHP) through the SHP Steering Committee.

AHA and the sheep industry peak bodies developed the SHP in 2014 (called Livestock Production Conditions for the pilot) as a more holistic approach to:

  • address endemic sheep conditions
  • enhance industry–government collaboration
  • streamline governance costs.

The SHP aims to reduce the financial impacts of endemic diseases and other livestock production conditions on farm productivity and supply chain productivity in Australia.

Sheep health conditions include health and welfare conditions that are already established or exist throughout regions of Australia. These conditions limit the production of the animals, their fibre and other by-products.

The SHP seeks to address the issues of lost production in the sheep value chain and in doing so mitigate animal welfare and market access risks.

The vision for the SHP is:

Continuous improvement in industry management of sheep health and biosecurity that sustains efficient production and ongoing market access.

The purpose of this project is to provide the framework for a nationally integrated approach to sheep health conditions (endemic) and biosecurity within the Australian sheep industry.

The scope of the Sheep Health Project is to address sheep health issues in the whole sheep supply chain with a focus on the production sector, supported by the trade and processing sectors (using state and national resources).


The objectives of this project are:

  1. Improve the implementation of on-farm biosecurity processes and other tools that minimise on-farm risks of endemic diseases
  2. Improved access to information on endemic diseases to enhance decision-making
  3. A healthier, more productive national flock through improved use of contemporary management practices and tools (such as Paraboss).
  4. Increased understanding of the cause, spread, management and impact throughout the supply chain of endemic disease through effective, coordinated R&D.

Two AHA projects included in the SHP are the National Ovine Johne’s Disease (OJD) Management Plan and National Sheep Health Monitoring Project.

The Sheep Health Project aims to address the issues of lost production across the entire sheep value (supply) chain, to mitigate animal welfare and market access risks. The project should ensure the value-add from animal health improvements is maximised at all stages of the sheep supply chain, from the farm gate to the meat or fibre processor.

SHP Steering Committee

The SHP Steering Committee comprises representatives from:


For further information please contact:

Phone: 02 6203 3908 Email:

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