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TSE Emergency Preparedness

Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the TSE Freedom Assurance Program, which links with its emergency response programs for exotic animal diseases.

Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement

The Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement is a world-first agreement ratified by Australia’s governments and livestock industries to ensure a rapid and efficient response to exotic animal disease incursions in Australia’s valuable livestock sector.

The agreement includes mechanisms for formal government–industry consultation on resource allocation, funding, training and risk mitigation.


The Australian livestock industries and the government jurisdictions have taken a proactive approach to being prepared for such an event if a TSE (specifically BSE or scrapie) ever occurred in this country.

These documents provide guidance based on sound analysis, linking policy, strategies, implementation, coordination and emergency-management plans.

The disease strategy for BSE in the AUSVETPLAN framework was first developed in 1996 and recently updated in 2012, along with a contingency plan for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).

These and other plans are regularly reviewed in light of new scientific information.

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Page reviewed: 04/12/2015