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Animal Health Australia (AHA) manages the Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program for Sheep (SheepMAP) to help producers identify and promote their low risk of Johne’s disease.

Introduced in 1997, SheepMAP aims to reduce the impact of ovine Johne’s disease (JD) on the Australian sheep flock, to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the sheepmeat and wool industries in Australia. It does this through on-farm biosecurity practices, testing and vaccination.

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SheepMAP manual

The SheepMAP manual covers the background to the program, how it is managed, brief details of how testing operates and the review processes in place.

How to establish and maintain a SheepMAP flock is detailed in the Rules and Guidelines manual.

If you identify any omissions or want to suggest non-technical changes, please contact us.

SheepMAP forms

Download the SheepMAP forms below:

Compulsory forms

The following documents are requirements of SheepMAP:

Recommended forms

The following documents are not requirements of SheepMAP but are provided as a resource or reference point:

Advice for veterinarians

Flock certificate and status notification forms are included in the current SheepMAP Forms and Resources but please check with your state MAP coordinator before using the flock certificate form.

In some states, the department of primary industries will issue the flock certificate directly. In others, the state MAP coordinator will advise the veterinarian of the number to record on the flock certificate.

All vaccinated sheep must be identified with an NLIS (Sheep) tag that contains the property identification code (PIC) or a number with the letter ‘V’. The flock status will also include a ‘V’ to indicate that it is vaccinated (e.g. MN2-V).

All SheepMAP flocks are required to have an annual review (internal audit) by the MAP-approved veterinarian and comply with the other SheepMAP requirements, including an external audit once every 3 years (currently on hold). Producers can select their preferred quality auditor from a list of approved auditors and arrange for the external audit to be held in conjunction with other industry quality audits, such as those required by the LPA programs.

Read the MAP Veterinary Guidelines (pdf - 219 KB) to better understand the role of vets in the MAPs.

Reviews of SheepMAP

SheepMAP 2013-14 review

AHA contracted GHD Consulting to conduct a technical review of the SheepMAP and a final report on its technical integrity and robustness was released in 2014. The SheepMAP Steering Committee considered the report and made a number of recommendations that were accepted by Animal Health Committee.

SheepMAP 2018 Review

GHD undertook a consultative review of SheepMAP in 2018. WPA and SPA considered their recommendations and agreed that SheepMAP will continue. It has now been revised to meet the previous technical review recommendations.

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