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Animal Health Australia (AHA) is the trusted and independent national animal health body in Australia, bringing together government and industry to deliver animal health and biosecurity.

With our members we scan the horizon for threats and opportunities, advocate for and drive solutions and take a whole-of-sector approach to ensure the long-term success of Australia’s animal health and biosecurity system.

AHA has 34 members spread across four categories:

  • Australian Government, state and territory governments
  • livestock industry organisations
  • service providers
  • associate members.

Consultative processes

The key factor behind the success of AHA’s programs is the ability of Members to work together to achieve a common outcome.

AHA’s consultative processes seek to engage Members throughout the year to ensure that all Members have the opportunity to contribute to each stage of a project.

Members have a high level of involvement in the management of all activities and have formal input to the development of company annual and strategic plans through the Members’ Forum.

The Member’s Forum meets at least twice a year to consult with the Board and management on national animal health system issues and the company’s role. This group plays a major role in prioritising company activities and enables Members to address issues of importance to their jurisdiction or industry.

The Livestock Industry Forum, comprised of AHA livestock industry Members, meets to discuss animal health issues, independent of the presence or influence of other Members, Animal Health Australia or third parties.

Meetings of the Member’s Forum and Livestock Industry Forum generally coincide with general meetings, which allows discussion of key issues directly with the Board and management and provision of feedback.

We use coordinating committees and technical advisory groups to assist program managers in the operational aspects of particular AHA programs and projects.

We also convene ad hoc consultative groups to address specific issues facing the national animal health system, the company or particular programs and projects.


Members fund AHA’s activities through annual subscriptions calculated on a formula using the gross value of production (GVP) of the industry or jurisdiction using a 3-year rolling average.

Animal Health Australia Members


  • Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
  • State of New South Wales (NSW) Department of Primary Industries
  • State of Queensland (Qld) Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • State of South Australia (SA) Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA
  • State of Tasmania (Tas) Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
  • State of Victoria (Vic.) Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions State of Western Australia (WA) Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Department of Territory and Municipal Services
  • Northern Territory (NT) Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Livestock industries

Service providers

Associate members

Member information



Page reviewed: 04/01/2021