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Program funding

Animal Health Australia works with its Members to maintain and improve Australia’s favourable animal health status, to ensure the viability of Australia’s livestock and aquatic industries.

AHA’s 33 Members fund the company’s activities through annual subscriptions calculated on a formula using the gross value of production (GVP) of the industry or jurisdiction using a 3-year rolling average.

The tables below show projects that are funded by all Members (core funded) and projects that are only funded by the project’s beneficiaries (special funded).

Key focus areas and individual projects

Strategic Priority One

Effectively manage and strengthen Australia’s EAD response arrangements through successful partnerships with members.

Key focus area Core (subscription) funded Special funded
Response framework and obligations program Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA) Aquatic deed
Response tools AUSVETPLAN  FMD vaccine bank management

Anthrax vaccine bank management

FMD risk management (phase 3)

Capripox research and development

Source: Animal Health Australian Annual Operating Plan 2016–2017

Strategic Priority Two

Enhance the EAD preparedness and response capability of AHA and its members

Key focus area Core (subscription) funded Special funded
EAD training EAD training Rapid response team (RRT) training

Biosecurity emergency response training assessment (BERTA) materials project (new for 2017-18)

Source: Animal Health Australian Annual Operating Plan 2016–2017

Strategic Priority Three

Strengthen biosecurity, surveillance and animal welfare to enhance animal health and support market access trade

Key focus area Core (subscription) funded Special funded
On-farm supply chain and biosecurity program Farm biosecurity project

Biosecurity planning and implementation

Prohibitied pg feed compliance and awareness project (PPFCAP)

Animal biosecurity RD&E strategy

Sheep health project

Goat production conditions

Newcastle disease management plan

Cattle production conditions

Surveillance and laboratory program Surveillance and laboratory enhancement and support

National significant disease investigation program (NDSI program)

National animal health laboratory coordination (NAHLC)

Screw-worm fly surveillance and preparedness program (SWFSPP)

Australian animal pathology standard project (AASP)

Reference laboratories

Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies freedom assurance project (TSEFAP)

Accreditation program for Australian veterinarians (APAV)

National arbovirus monitoring program (NAMP)

Market access support program Livestock welfare

NAHIS program

National livestock identification system (NLIS) program

Alpaca traceability

Australian government accredited veterinarian (AAVet) course

Sheep cooperative research centre (CRC) wellbeing program

Livestock welfare – poultry

Katestone heat load project

National wild dog action plan

Poultry game species

Tracing exercises

Livestock welfare – pigs

Australian Pork Limited evidence of absence of exotic disease project

Source: Animal Health Australian Annual Operating Plan 2016–2017

Strategic Priority Four

Deliver member value, organisational performance enhancement and sustainable resourcing

Key focus area Core (subscription) funded Special funded
Corporate governance and services program projects Corporate governance (Board and Executive

Finances and Facilities (F&F)

People capability

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Business services and new business opportunities program New business opportunities Cattle disease contingency fund (CDCF) Pty Ltd

Sheep industry Heath and Welfare (SIHW) Pty Ltd

Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN) Pty Ltd

EADRA Chicken

Industry initiated expenditure (SLAs)

Communications and partnerships program National partnerships


Event management

Industry forums



Source: Animal Health Australian Annual Operating Plan 2016–2017

For further information on any of our programs or projects, please contact a relevant member of AHA staff.



Page reviewed: 15/01/2018