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Rules of associate membership

Animal Health Australia works with its members to maintain and improve Australia’s favourable animal health status, to ensure the viability of Australia’s livestock and aquatic industries.

The rules

  • Any organisation within the national animal health system (Applicant) will be eligible to apply for Associate Membership status.
  • An application for Associate Membership must be:
    • in writing, in a form approved by the Board;
    • signed by the Applicant;
    • signed by a proposer and seconder, each of which must be Members; and
    • accompanied by such documents or evidence as to qualification for Associate Membership as the Board determines.
  • The application must include details of the Applicant’s legal status, membership, constitution, objectives and financial resources.
  • If the Applicant is a body corporate or body politic, it must nominate a person who will act as the Nominated Representative to represent it if the application is successful. The Applicant must state the name and address of the person proposed as the Nominated Representative.
  • The Company in general meeting will consider an application for Associate Membership as soon as practicable after its receipt and determine, in its absolute discretion, the admission or rejection of the Applicant.
  • In order to be admitted as an Associate Member, the Applicant must be accepted by a majority of each of the three groups of the Commonwealth, States and Territories and Industry Organisations.
  • The Company need give no reason for the rejection of an application.
  • If an Applicant is accepted for Associate Membership, the Secretary must notify the Applicant of admission and the annual subscription.
  • The name and details of the Associate Member must be entered in the Register.
  • If an application for Associate Membership is rejected, the Secretary must notify the Applicant in writing.
  • The annual subscription payable by Associate Members of the Company shall be such as the Company in general meetings shall from time to time prescribe.
  • In formal Company documents, Associate Members will be listed separately as such; they will be permitted to refer to themselves as an ‘Associate Member of Animal Health Australia’.
  • Associate Members will be entitled to receive all notices, correspondence, documentation and other communications circulated to AHA Members.
  • Associate Members will be entitled to attend all Company meetings and to be heard. However they will not have any voting rights, nor be permitted to participate in a poll, nor will they be included in a quorum count, if that is required.
  • An Associate Member may at any time by giving six months notice in writing to the Secretary, resign as an Associate Member of the Company.
  • Under the terms of Rule 10 of the Constitution, (which also applies to Members), the Company may censor, fine, suspend or expel an Associate Member.
  • No portion of the income or property of the Company shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise to Associate Members of the Company. This does not prevent the Company from entering, in good faith, into contracts with Associate Members on reasonable commercial terms, including contracts for the supply of goods and services, the borrowing of money and the leasing of premises, and in making payments to Associate Members in accordance with those contracts. The rate of interest on any loan must not be higher than the maximum overdraft rate specified by the Reserve Bank of Australia in the latest edition of the Statistical Bulletin published monthly by the Reserve Bank.
  • Upon winding up or dissolution of the Company, Associate Members have no rights to any property that remains after satisfaction of all Company debts and liabilities, and may not participate in any determination by Members as to the distribution of such property.’

Rules adopted by members in General Meeting 28 May 2009.

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Page reviewed: 20/10/2015