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Animal Health Australia (AHA) works with its members on programs and projects that aim to maintain and improve Australia’s favourable animal health status.

All open public tenders, expressions of interest (EOIs) and open competitive quotes can be accessed on this page, and some will also be advertised on the Australia Government’s AusTender website.

Current opportunities

Request for Tender: The Social Science of Sheep Production – October 2020 – Closes 30 October 2020 at 5:00pm AEDT

This Social Science proposal is one component of the broader SPA Sheep Supply Project.

The Sheep Supply project will qualify the global demand for Australian sheep-meat and the potential opportunity for investing in programs that enable increased sheep-meat supply. The project will investigate the factors that are driving the national sheep flock decline and prioritise industry investment to accelerate the flock rebuild.

This project will provide a Qualitative Social Science Analysis, that will also explore the demographics of current and past sheep producers, providing an insight into attitude of producers at different points of their production career.

Collate current research and conduct a strategic industry survey to understand the emotional impact and human factors in business decisions. Results will be presented in a report to investigate and understand the qualitative social science aspect of the declining sheep flock and answer the questions: Why are farmers choosing other options instead of growing their sheep flock, from a social perspective? Why are producers moving away from sheep, even as global demand for sheep meat is increasing?

The report will provide insight, test assumptions and propose solutions to points such as:
• Understanding farmer attitudes and social factors
• Understanding the change in balance between sheep and other livestock enterprises
• Understanding the change in balance between sheep and cropping, and the range of factors that influence a shift out of livestock, or a change in emphasis for the enterprise

How to submit a tender

  • Find and review the tender document
  • Decide if you are suitable for the project
  • Seek legal advice on any draft contracts
  • Prepare your submission according to the tender guidelines
  • Complete any tender checklists
  • Lodge your submission according to the guidelines
  • Await review—we’ll be in touch with all tenderers and can provide feedback on unsuccessful bids.


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